Containers with flexitanks or linerbags require more attention than regular containers. Such as the requirements of containers, protocol of shipping...

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Container additional services

In the past there were many problems related to the flexitanks which often resulted in leakage, loss of product and cleaning operations. The reason:...

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Supplies / Materials

We supply everything. Confection tanks and tailor made tanks. On demand we supply flexitanks, linerbags, bulkheads, heaterpads and other fitting...

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Cross pumping services

Containers with flexitanks or linerbags requires specialized training and equipment during loading and discharging. The Flexitank Company, specialize...

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Survey expertise

Experienced people to investigate your cause damage. Damage that could be caused by leakage of a Flexitank, unsecure inspections, wrongly fitted,...

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Special flexitanks and linerbags

We can advise you the best flexitanks & linerbag products in respect to pricing, quality and delivery time. For example : bitumen tanks, reefer...

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