Advantages of flexitanks

• Flexitanks have a higher transportable bulk liquid volume compared to drums and/or intermediate bulk containers

• We always give use new flexitanks so the flexitanks have no contamination risk from fluids inside the tank before and besides that there are no cleaning costs anymore as all the flexitanks aren’t used before.

• Our products are entirely recyclable, and minimal to no residue is left from the liquid inside the Flexitank

• The flexitanks have an easy and swift installation

• The flexitanks are not dependent on the availability of ISO tank containers and are low in cost in comparison of the ISO tank containers or drums

Advantages of container liners

• The container liners have a higher transportable volume compared to bags, big-bags and other packing devices

• We have 20,30 and 40 ft containers available for the inlets.

• The container liners are always new and recyclable

• There is an easy and swift installation for the container liners

• We provide tailor-made products according to the requirements or specifications you need