Independent provider of Flexitanks

As a brand new company, started in 2016, The Flexitank Company puts it’s focus on the Flexitank and Linerbag industry. With 14 years of experience in the field of flexitanks we are the pioneers in the usage of flexitanks. Our company is well known in the depot, transport and shipping world and we are a member of the coa, as recommendations follow as from 2007

What is the purpose of using a Flexitank

A Flexitank has the possibility to transport liquids in 20 and 40 ft box containers, reefers, and trailers. Flexitanks are used to reduce transport costs for bulk commodities. This ranges from large volumes of non-hazardous chemicals to foodstuffs. Our Flexitanks are economically more advantageous, and besides of that, when the tanks are compared to the usage of an ISO tank, the advantage get’s up to 40 percent.

Our services

  • The fitting of Flexitanks and Linerbag sets
  • Supply of fitting materials
  • Container inspections and surveys
  • Upgrading containers to make them suitable for flexitanks
  • Manufacturing of new bulkheads
  • Collection and repair of bulkheads
  • The supply and installation of heater pads
  • Experienced ADR-drivers
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The Flexitank Company
Placing of Flexitank by The Flexitank Company
Flexitank in container